Did you know when you sign up at Boxtops4education.com, you’ll have access to coupons every month for some of your favorite BoxTop products? You’ll also be able to enter contests to earn our school Bonus BoxTops! There is also the BoxTops Marketplace, where you can shop online at some of your favorite stores and a portion of your sales comes directly to Rosedale. Plus, you can find many easy to make recipes for your family using BoxTops products.   There are lots of reasons to check out the BoxTops for Education website. It’s free and fun!      




      Collecting BoxTops can make a BIG difference for our school.   There are several new products added to the BoxTops family, one of them is Avery.  Sound familiar?  Look for Avery office products when you are buying mailing labels, paper, highlighters, school supplies.  BoxTops are NOT just found on food!  Check the BoxTops for Education website for a complete list of participating products……and to sign up for coupons, recipes, Bonus Boxtops contests and lots of good, fun information!!

BoxTop  Collection tip……..

     Hang a Ziploc baggy on your frig so each member of the family knows where they go. And keep an eye out for Bonus BoxTop Promos at many stores.

     Have a wonderful year filled with fun and Boxtops!

You can make a difference for your school every time you shop for groceries! Just clip the Box Tops coupons from hundreds of your favorite products and send them to your child's school.

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