Homework Assignments

Read daily for 20 minutes.
Practice math facts.  Especially multiplication facts.
Monday - Thursday   Study spelling words.
Monday - Thursday  Math Homelinks.
Moby Max or ConnectEd for extra review.

Finish any work that was not completed in class for the day.

Please check your child's assignment book (SAB) daily for homework and test reminders.

Math:  Expect to have homework every night.  The homework page will be written in the assignment book.  The  math homelink assignment is an extension of the day's math lesson. 
Please remember to practice basic facts as well each night.

Reading:  Your child should try to read about 20 minutes each night.  This will help to build fluency, vocabulary and their comprehension.  Please record minutes in the reading section of the assignment book.

Spelling:  On  Monday your child will receive a spelling pattern to learn for the week.  We will test on Friday.
Please help your child practice their spelling throughout the week.

Unfinished school work will be sent home to be completed and returned the next day.

Test study guide will be sent home to work on and must be returned the next day.  You child will plenty of notice for upcoming tests.