About Mrs. Casucci



Hello!  I am Erin Casucci and I am honored to be teaching your fourth grader this year!  This is my 23rd year teaching at Rosedale (Johnson) Elementary.  Mr. Casucci and I have two wonderful children, Charlotte 11th grade) and Will (7th grade), who keep me very busy at home!  

My educational background is GREEN and WHITE, through and through!  I earned both my undergraduate degree in elementary education, and my master's degree in curriculum and teaching from MSU. 

I love watching the look in a child's face when something "clicks" and they "get it".  I will encourage your child to welcome challenges, and see them as opportunities-not work.  Your child will begin to take responsibility for his or her learning, and see it as a privilege, not a chore.  In my class, your child will have lots of fun, while learning, growing, and maturing.  It will be a great year!