My Homework
Please look at your child's SAB (student assignment book) and homework/notes folder nightly-WITH YOUR CHILD. Discuss the assignments due the next day, as well as long-term assignments, and tests. This will help your child take responsibility for his/her work, and avoid late or missing assignments...and last minute panic!!!

What you can expect:

A math "homelink" page is assigned every night. The assignment will be written in the SAB. If there is no homelink, it will be noted as well. The assignment is an extension of the day's math lesson.
A nightly reading assignment of 20 minutes. Your child should be reading books at their "just right" level. The reading may be done independently or with others. Reading must be recorded on the reading log.
Unfinished school work may be sent home to be completed and is to be returned the next day.
Occasional tests in various subject areas. Plenty of advance notice and study suggestions/materials will be given.