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LMC Policies

Check-Out Policies

  • Kindergarten students check out one book at a time. If they should forget their book we haveĀ a special "saving" box(for Kdg. students only) where they can place their new selection and it will be saved for them until they return.
  • First Graders check out one book at the beginning of the year. After the Winter Break they may check out two books.
  • Second Graders may check out two books.
  • Third and Fourth Graders may check out three books.

Students are expected to select at least one book that is "just right" for them. If they are fourth graders they are expected to select two books that are just right for them. The other book(s) can be above or below grade level.

Readers are taught the "Five Finger Test". If there are more than 5 words on a page that they do not know, then it is not a "just right" book.

Students are encouraged to select a book or subject that interests them and one that they will read and hopefully share and discuss with their family. Students are introduced to a variety of literature, but their book selection is often a "free choice" ( a book that intrigues them). Sometimes teachers request that children check out a specific type of book--like nonfiction, biography, mystery, etc. to correlate with a unit they may be teaching in the classroom.

Overdue Materials

We do not charge for overdue materials. Students are sent Overdue Book reminders once a month if their books are more than two weeks late.

Students are reminded each year about proper book care and maintenance. If a student loses a book, they are expected to make a good-faith effort to find it. If the book can not be found, the student needs to pay for the book so that a replacement may be purchased for the library collection. If the book is found during the same school year we are able to issue a refund.
When a new school year begins we are unable to refund the cost of the book.

In the case of a damaged book please return it to the LMC to be mended. A book that is severely damaged that can no longer be placed in the book collection must be paid for so that it can be replaced. Please see the library media specialist for special circumstances.